Canyon Crest Academy grad announces release of new book ‘Tales of Mundane Magic Volume Two’

Author Shaina Krevat

Local author Shaina Krevat recently announced the release of her second book, Tales of Mundane Magic Volume Two. Print and ebooks are available online at KOBO, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

Krevat is a software engineer at YouTube, living the dream of working for the company she used to upload to when she thought she was going to be a film director/YouTube creator. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor of arts degree in computer science, which she views as a perfect metaphor for the combination of art and programming in her life. She has spent her time creating fiction (mostly fantasy) in the form of short films, books, musicals, songs, and, most recently, short stories.

Tales of Mundane Magic is a young adult book of short stories about Gertie and Bridget Mallon, two sisters and their friends who attend Flories Boarding School in a fantasy world much like this one, with ride share apps and smart phones, but they’re made with magic.

“Even if you haven’t read Volume One, you can jump right into Volume Two and enjoy all the magical mayhem and enchanted adventures it has to offer. It’s enjoyable for fantasy lovers of all ages, but perfect for that young teen in your life who is figuring out what they enjoy reading. I loved writing it, and I hope it makes you smile,” Krevat said.
Krevat graduated from Canyon Crest Academy and studied with the CCA theater conservatory. She writes a writing advice blog that can be found at