Photographic artwork installed along Cedros Avenue


Solana Beach’s renowned Cedros Design District has just installed new, full-wrap photographic artwork by Lee Sie on all SDG&E transformers along Cedros Avenue, according to a news release. Each of the 16 colorful installations depict various aspects of coastal living in Solana Beach.

Sie first began taking photographs after his father encouraged Sie on a family camping trip. At age 19 Sie began traveling abroad visiting countries across the globe before settling down to study the arts in college. Sie began working in the television and film industry and gained experience in digital post production. After 20 years of working in the industry Sie decided to focus on his photography full time, and started traveling again. Sie's iconic scenes of Europe have been a favorite for him, and with those images he has created his own, very unique look and style.

Sie has been featured in numerous gallery exhibits and public installations, which have led to artistic and photographic awards, the news release stated.