Canyon Crest Academy Envision Theatre to bring ‘modern day’ Romeo and Juliet to the stage

The Envision Theatre at Canyon Crest Academy will present the William Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet for a five-night run in the Proscenium Theater, beginning Oct 28 at 7 p.m. This will be the debut performance of the work at CCA.

Director Steve Lipinsky says ”I am honored to work in such a lively and multi-disciplinary youth arts program. This is my first experience directing Romeo and Juliet, and I am excited, in only six weeks of rehearsal, to watch how modern teens connect to this challenging text and find honest ways to express these classic emotions.”

This re-telling of a timeless classic will be set in modern day and will examine the pros and cons of different parenting styles, emphasizing the evolution of parenting at its extremes. Also highlighted is the role of modern technology in the lives of teens. This production explores the rampant miscommunication, dangers, and joys that technology brings. At an age where everyone wants someone who understands and loves them for who they truly are, Romeo and Juliet find an honest, special connection which they refuse to let go.

Constantine Mickens, a recent CCA alumni, returns as Assistant Director. “We came up with the idea to set R&J in modern times with an emphasis on technology to help high school students relate to the text. It’s been fun thinking of ways to incorporate modern technology to round out the concept. I’m excited to be back at CCA after graduating last year. Its been interesting and rewarding to work with Steve on the ‘other side of the table’ and to experience how attentive and creative the cast members can be.”

All 9th graders at CCA read Romeo and Juliet, and the Envision Humanities Conservatory will be writing a study guide for the 9th grade English classes, as well as providing program notes to help audiences understand the themes. The play opens Oct. 28 at 7 p.m., and runs through Nov. 5.

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