New art exhibit on display in Del Mar

A new art exhibit is on display in Del Mar, continuing the legacy of the late Herbert B. Turner.

Coordinated by local artist Bob Coletti, the display cases at the Herbert B. Turner Gallery at Southfair currently feature paintings, photographs and mixed media pieces from local artists.

“Coordinating exhibits at the Herbert B. Turner Gallery was a wonderful unexpected gift from its owner Rachel Turner Thomas,” Coletti said. “After a few meetings with Rachel, we came to an agreement that now has me coordinating all future exhibits, keeping in the tradition of Herbert B. Turner’s wishes to use the space for local artists’ work.”

Turner was a prominent architect, artist and resident of Del Mar.

He left a distinctive mark on Del Mar, having designed more than 50 custom commercial and residential properties in and around the community. As the builder of Southfair, he intended to provide professional gallery space for local artists to display and sell their work.

“His daughter, Rachel Turner Thomas, has continued the legacy and tradition of her father by perpetuating the gallery’s ongoing existence and dedication to the noble goal of providing a quality space for artists to display their work,” Coletti said.

“This was a wonderful gift from Rachel that I will treat with the greatest respect,” he added. “It allows me the opportunity to help local artists.”

The first exhibit of 2016 features artists from Group7Art, a group Coletti founded in 2011. All artists, he said, were handpicked with the criteria of being recognized as holding local as well as national credentials.

G7 artists Terry Scott Allen, Gabrielle Benot, Malsu Lee, Pamela Fox Linton, Michael Orenich, Mark Sherman and Rosemary Valente currently have five to eight pieces each in the exhibit. Coletti also has seven pieces on display.

“The group has been together for a number of years, so we pretty much know the drill,” Coletti said. “Show your best work possible while using the available space efficiently.”

The current exhibit will be on display through May 1. An opening reception is scheduled for 1-4 p.m. Feb. 20. Light refreshments will be served.

Coletti plans to rotate exhibits every two to three months. He has already lined up three other local art groups for the next three seasons of 2016, with more waiting in line for the 2017 season.

The Herbert B. Turner Gallery at Southfair is located at 2010 Jimmy Durante Boulevard in Del Mar.

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