Sage Canyon stages virtual talent show

Sage Canyon third grader Austin played Green Day's "Holiday" on his electric guitar in the virtual talent show.

Sage Canyon School held a virtual talent show with students dancing, singing and playing musical instruments in their living rooms, decorated garages and in their backyards.

PTA President Catherine Patrick organized the show, which included 50 talented students, from sibling acts to ukulele strumming. To give the feeling of live broadcast, the show launched on a private YouTube link on May 19 and everyone was encouraged to start the show the same time. A 15-minute pre-show gave families a chance to make popcorn, figure out how to cast it to their TVs and for the kids to get their dance wiggles out. There was also an intermission and a final dance party at the end.

Isabelle performed in the Sage Canyon talent show.

Calvin Berkley, a freshman at San Diego High School and nephew of one of the PTA board members, edited the video, which gave the feel of a professional production. The link was then taken down Thursday night.

The virtual, home-setting allowed for some creative additions to the traditional talent show: Sixth-grader Cynthia gave a face mask sewing tutorial, kindergartner Kaya did basketball trick shots and first-grader Alyssa’s rendition of “Party in the USA” ended with her jumping fully-clothed into her pool. When Brady, a third grader, played the piano, his cat and dog made special guest appearances.

Fourth grader Karolina danced in her home.

Aaron and Alexa emceed the show and introduced the wide variety of acts. Fourth-grader Rien, who is scheduled to perform in Carnegie Hall in November, played a stunning rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebees” on piano and produced a short claymation video. First-grader Hana played the piano and sang a sweet “See You Again,” ending with a heart-shaped photo of all the students in her class.

Second-grader Kian told jokes: “Why did the kid eat his homework? The teacher said it was a piece of cake.”

Maya B danced to "Jai Ho" in the talent show.