Local high school girls rock band records first original single

The Microblades band members Giulietta Randell and Lauren Deerinck

The Microblades band members Giulietta Randell and Lauren Deerinck

The Microblades are a Del Mar high school girls rock band who have just recorded their first original single, “Think of all the Good Things.” It was released on all music streaming services, including Spotify, on Oct. 30. The Microblades draw their influences from classic rock, grunge, punk and R&B/soul but also have a unique sound that is all their own.

Giulietta Randell is the lead vocalist, lead guitarist, song writer, and on and off bass player. She is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy and recently submitted a band audition tape to the directors of the popular Netflix show “Outer Banks.” Giulietta said, “Because our group is small, we have to carry all of our own weight plus a lot more, in order to achieve a fuller sound that you would experience from a four-piece band.” And regarding the rock aspect of the music industry, she said, “There is an untapped thing...which is the female rocker.”

Lauren Deerinck is the drummer, background vocalist, and promotional artist for the band. She is currently a junior at Torrey Pines High School. When asked about the music industry, she said, “There aren’t a lot of girl drummers out there, so this is such an exciting opportunity for me...I want to represent!” She also stresses that “It’s so important to have real instruments playing all together in the same room, in order to capture that raw energy that makes rock and roll so popular.”

The band is planning to record their first album when they return to the studio this November. They are enthusiastic and looking forward to what the future brings.

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