Debbie Kornberg competing in online contest for title of world’s Favorite Chef


Local resident Debbie Kornberg, owner of SPICE + LEAF and Spice It Up with Deb: A Live Cooking Experience, is competing with chefs from all around the globe in an exclusive online competition to be named the world’s Favorite Chef, receive $50,000, and be featured in a two-page advertising spread in Bon Appetit.

Debbie Kornberg

Celebrity Chef Eddie Matney, known for his colorful and innovative culinary skills, is guiding this chef competition and offering competitors cooking tips, words of encouragement and insight to help all of the talented chefs a path to victory. Chef Debbie is determined to give it her best shot. “There are a lot of amazing chefs out there and I am so honored to be a part of this competition. I have never done anything like this before but it just kind of fell in my lap and I thought well, why not me?!”

When the competition began a couple of weeks ago, Chef Debbie realized there was something really unexpected but special happening through the process,

“A community was born!” explains Chef Debbie. “There were all these people suddenly cheering me on and telling me I can do this. I was pretty blown away and it gave me so much encouragement to keep pushing forward!”

People can vote for Chef Debbie every day for free or can make a donation to Feeding America and each dollar counts as one vote. Currently ranked in 3rd place, she is hoping to get to be number one to make it to the quarterly finals by March 18. If you want to join Chef Debbie’s community, you can vote for her too using this link:

On the link people can learn more about Chef Debbie’s passions around cooking with spices and how she love to teach cooking classes.