Del Mar author releases book “Radiant Achievement: Turn on Your Life, Your Essence, and Your Soul-Centered Calling”

Christine Howard
(Monique Feil Photography)

Del Mar life coach Christine Howard released a book on May 19 to guide women through depression, anxiety and other issues and set them on a path toward “radiant achievement.”

Howard said the book, “Radiant Achievement: Turn on Your Life, Your Essence, and Your Soul-Centered Calling” arose “out of my life journey of healing from both breast cancer and an unexpected divorce.”

“I did a big inward journey of my life and started looking at everything,” she added. “Who I was being, the things that were happening in my life, really looking at ‘how did I get here?’ And I started turning over the rocks of my life and seeing how I created the situations that manifested in my life.”

She continued, “I was so ready to let all my baggage go and pick up a whole new path.”

Book title
“Radiant Achievement” by Christine Howard

That process was made possible through a system she developed that taps into seven traits, including mindset, inner listening, inspired action, commitment and reflection, that Howard has shared with others through her coaching and other works. She said she eventually reached a place where her creativity was reignited, she took better care of herself and was more happy, peaceful, and wasn’t over- thinking anymore.

“I reignited and reconnected with who I authentically am,” Howard said. “I really spent time to work on reconnecting with my self worth, because I truly was not loving myself. Even though I logically could say I loved myself, I wasn’t showing up that way. So it was rebuilding my life from the inside out.”

Through life coaching, workshops and other offerings, she has imparted the lessons she’s learned to other women who face similar obstacles.

Howard said she began writing the book almost four years ago. She added that it was healing for her to revisit many of the challenges she’s faced as she wrote, and that “little by little all the pieces began to fall into place” leading up to its publication.

“My intention truly was to have a finished product that would be a meaningful tool for women to learn from my journey and then to actually have practical tools and information that they can implement in their lives,” Howard said.

“Radiant Achievement” is available on Amazon, where reviews so far have been positive.

“One thing that really resonated with everybody is how I brought my personal struggles and my personal heartache and stories in, and how that was really inspirational and helpful to see,” Howard said.

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