Carmel Valley author’s short story included in ‘Phobia’ anthology

Author Thomas M. Wing

Carmel Valley author Thomas M. Wing’s short story “Please Don’t Let Me Fall” is featured in “Phobia: An Anthology of Fear.”

The anthology, released earlier this year by Pixie Forest Publishing, includes stories from multiple authors about fears people deal with, some common and others more unusual.

Wing’s story is based on his own fear of heights, which he had to overcome after acquiring a tall ship to teach children through experiential education programs. He had to climb the masts to show them how to safely set the sails.

“I have a fear of heights,” said Wing, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and War College who served 32 years as a Navy Surface Warfare Officer. “It’s a pretty bad fear of heights, but I had to overcome it to be able to teach the kids how to set the sails and go aloft and be safe and all that.”

Wing said he took a class in children’s literature and worked on the story with advice from his instructor.

“It’s about what kinds of things can lead you to overcome those fears,” Wing said. “And if they are rational fears, which most fears are, how to deal with them rather than let them hamstring you and keep you from doing the things you want to do.”

He started writing before high school, and had to overcome some “self-doubt” over the years before pursuing opportunities to have his work published. His influencers include authors Tom Clancy, Patrick O’Brian and Stephen King.

Wing, who is searching for an agent, said he has other work in the pipeline that he may release through his Sea Turtle Press label.

“I have two novels that I finished and one novel that I’m writing,” he added. “And so if I end up going the self-publishing route, I’m going to use the Sea Turtles Press imprint.

For more information about Wing, visit his social media at or Twitter @ThomasMWing1.

“Phobia: An Anthology of Fear” is available in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon.