Canyon Crest Academy senior releases album of original music

Maya Rosenbaum

Canyon Crest Academy senior Maya Rosenbaum released “house of cards,” an original album of songs she had been writing since her freshman year, on all major streaming platforms.

“It started out just by writing songs in my room,” said Maya, 17, who lives in Carmel Valley and attended Ashley Falls Elementary and Carmel Valley Middle School. “I wasn’t showing anybody, I just had them for myself.”

She added that “house of cards,” which includes an intro and nine songs, is “a collection of songs I’ve written throughout high school,” right up until about one week before the album was released.

“I did not think it would come together to be an album,” she said.

The recording began about one year ago.

“It’s been a long process,” she said.

Maya started playing piano at age 5, viola at 7, received her first guitar at 10 and started recording songs at 12, then began learning how to play some basic chords and started playing covers of pop songs. She played all the instrumentals on her album.

Artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, whose indie rock hits include “Motion Sickness,” have influenced her music.

“Because I had the classical experience with viola, it kind of developed my writing style, which ended up incorporating a lot of classical strings and a more mellow, dreamy-type feel,” she said.

The album is available on Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, SoundCloud and other platforms.

After high school, Maya said she wants to study computer science, in addition to playing viola in orchestras and continuing her songwriting and singing music on music platforms. She also said she wants to learn more instruments and collaborate with other artists.

“I’d love to have my music be heard by a larger audience, and I would love to incorporate even more instruments into it,” she said.