Canyon Crest Academy singer-songwriter releases new single

Emilia Vaughn
(Chlo Subia for OC Hit)

A singer-songwriter who attends Canyon Crest Academy released a debut single called “Pieces and Pages” on streaming platforms Jan. 21, with an EP to follow in the spring.

The song, by CCA senior Emilia Vaughn, was co-written by her friend Gabby Neeley.

“We wrote it about just wanting to escape the world you live in now and just go to the city,” said Emilia, 17, who lives in Solana Beach. “I really like New York City, so I wanted to write about moving to New York City, kind of.”

Emilia, whose musical influences include Ariana Grande and the pop duo Oh Wonder, said she started playing piano and singing as a preschooler. Her work lately has focused on addressing the stigma of mental health issues.

“I mostly write about my anxiety and depression and mental illness and how that affects me,” she said. “It’s a good thing to have out there so it can help other people too.”

She added, “With my music, I want people to understand it’s completely normal and they’re not alone.”

That subject matter has been particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic, with students having to adjust to distance learning and the increased isolation that went along with it.

“For me, the social aspect was the biggest part of the pandemic because I wasn’t able to see my friends,” Emilia said. “Without seeing my friends or people I love, it made my depression a lot worse.”

She continued, “I just want to be a friend to the people who are suffering, less of a public figure that makes music but more of someone you can reach out to and talk to about this kind of stuff.”

Emilia also said she plans to release another single in the next month or two.

“I really want to perform my EP and everything and just uplift people as much as I can,” she said, “Hopefully get on billboard charts or something like that and grow a bigger base of people who are supporting my music, and just keep writing and keep producing with my friends and family.”

“Pieces and Pages” is available on all digital streaming platforms. For more information, visit