Local business coach, author releases ‘The Integrity Game’

Jeffrey Klubeck

Rancho Penasquitos resident and business coach Jeffrey Klubeck released a book called “The Integrity Game,” which uses baseball to teach lessons of motivation and accountability through a 10-point model of integrity.

“The book is a parable set to baseball, which is a passion of mine,” said Klubeck, who is also a retired adjunct communication professor. According to a news release, the book is “a simple yet colorful story that makes it both fun and easy to do the difficult job of looking within for a better life, career or business.”

Klubeck started his coaching business, Get a Klu, in 2006 and now plans to offer coaching, training, speaking, consulting and all other services through the “Integrity Game” brand.

“As I fleshed out the talk I was going to give, it dawned on me that this could be a whole model,” Klubeck said. “And so I developed a 10-point model to help expand our understanding of what integrity is, and encourage people to look within rather than just accusing other people of not having integrity. So generally speaking, what my book is trying to do is make it fun and easy for people to look within when it comes to improving their integrity.”

Cover of The Integrity Game

Klubeck added that he’s planning out a series of “Integrity Game” books that all impart different lessons.

“My vision is that there will be 10 to 20 more Integrity Game books, just with a different story that can highlight a different life service or a different vertical,” he said. “For me, I chose baseball because it was a legacy play for me and a passion play. The characters in the book are influenced and inspired by my children. I started working on it when my parents died. My parents died three weeks apart.”

Long term, he said he’d like the series to reach the heights of the professional and personal growth industry.

“There’s a precedent for personal and professional growth books to have various versions or editions that are done to serve different verticals,” Klubeck said.

The industry as a whole, he added, is “growing just as fast in its mediocrity as it is in its popularity,” and he wants his work to help set a higher standard.

In the book’s forward, Retired Rear Admiral James McNeal wrote that Klubeck’s “allegory weaves the great game of baseball with how we can all fulfill the purpose that we were put on this earth to accomplish and is a wonderful story that should resonate with everyone, baseball fan or otherwise.”

“The Integrity Game” is available on Amazon. Its release date was coordinated to coincide with Major League Baseball’s opening day on April 7.

For more information, visit theintegritygame.com.