Carmel Valley author’s ‘Icky Micky’ shows that kindness counts

Victoria Bennett and her new book "Icky Micky"
(Courtesy of Victoria Bennett)

“Icky Micky”, a new children’s book written by Carmel Valley’s Victoria Bennett, is a story of acceptance and about being that kid who shows kindness to the person who might be considered the class outcast. Bennett hopes to get her book with its valuable lesson into as many classrooms and school libraries as she can, gifting it for free to any teacher who would like it.

“I think it would be a great book for the beginning of the school year,” Bennett said.

A retired teacher who for many years subbed locally in the Del Mar Union School District, Bennett published her first children’s book in 2020, “Mean Doreen”, a book on the topic of bullying, something she said she encountered nearly every day while teaching. After Doreen, she wrote five books but she didn’t quite connect with all of them—but the message of Micky stuck.

The sweetly rhyming tale meant for kindergartners and first graders is told from Micky’s point of view as he asks himself why people at school don’t like him and what he’s doing wrong.

"Icky Micky" by Victoria Bennett.
(Courtesy of Victoria Bennett)

“I wonder if all my clothes are weird? It’s something that I always feared,” the story goes. “Or is it my hair? Is it too strange? That is something I can change!”

A well-liked kid named Nate changes everything for Micky by taking him under his wing—sharing a lesson with young readers that one act of kindness can change a life.

“I feel so strongly about it,” Bennett said on the topic of bullying. “This is the message I’ve been trying to get out.”

Bennett found her illustrator Mike Motz online—through many trials and errors the Canadian drew the perfect Micky just as Bennett had envisioned: “I love his illustrations and I think it really adds a lot to the story.”

Published by KDP Publishing, the book is available on Amazon, where it is earning positive reviews for its meaningful message.

“This sweet book about kindness and friendship influenced my grandkids’ understanding of the importance of compassion and inclusivity,” wrote reviewer Joan Jacobs. “‘Icky Micky’ is a great read to discuss an important issue of bullying that so many children encounter. You will smile reading every page!”

Find the book on Amazon. If you’re a teacher and would like a copy of “Icky Micky” and “Mean Doreen”, email