Top interior designer Tracy Lynn marries client vision and holistic approach to create dream homes


Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to realize your full potential. Discovered by a friend, Tracy Lynn was destined to share her natural design talent and help clients create the homes of their dreams.

Rewind to 2002, Lynn hosted a baby shower for a friend at her home. After receiving praise on her home décor and furnishings, Lynn revealed that she was the woman behind the design. One home décor compliment led to the next, and before she knew it, she was remodeling a friend’s home. More referrals followed, and she’s been crafting beautiful residential and commercial spaces ever since.

She had no idea that hosting a baby shower would catapult her career.

Sitting at her desk, her blue eyes sparkle with pride as she reflects on how her passion evolved into Tracy Lynn Studio, the leading high-end design firm in San Diego. “I slowly discovered I had a natural gift for understanding and transforming spaces,” she recalled. “And, my greatest source of inspiration always comes from talking to my clients.”

Instead of simply referencing photos for design ideas, Lynn spends time getting to know each client and learning how they want to express themselves. She discovers why they like or dislike certain elements, their lifestyle, and what makes them truly happy.

These intimate conversations are a key component to Lynn’s holistic design approach, a process that emphasizes the importance of creating interiors that support a client’s physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Using a deep understanding of her client and her incredible design skills, she meticulously integrates the client’s vision and personality throughout their home.

“Home should be truly yours, where you feel you’re happiest, where you’re at peace,” she said with a smile. “I focus on creating a retreat that energizes people after a long day, makes relaxing easier, and encourages spending time with family and friends,” she added.

To ensure this vision comes to life, she works with her clients every step of the way, from the initial conceptualization through the final installation. She chooses just the right color palettes, artwork, and lighting that capture the client’s essence. She leaves no area of a home untouched or forgotten and considers even the smallest details.

The result? A home that is harmonious, beautiful, and nurturing to the people who live in it. And, just like the start of her career will always be connected to her marriage, she believes each home she designs will always connect to its owner.

Many of the homes and spaces she’s created have attracted local as well as national attention. Tracy Lynn Studio’s designs have been featured in leading publications such as California Home & Design, Dwell, Domino, San Diego Home & Garden, Locale, Ranch & Coast and more.

“My work unifies the life of the homeowner with the character of the home, and when you walk in, you can feel and see the incredible synergy between the two.”

If running a top interior design business wasn’t enough, Lynn is also a mother raising two daughters that now attend school in La Jolla. Both Lynn and her husband enjoy actively participating in their children’s extracurricular activities, including volunteering for and donating to the La Jolla water polo and lacrosse programs. Keeping active in the La Jolla neighborhood and Lynn’s ability to “do it all” are just a few leading factors behind her success.

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