Professional organizer declutters people’s lives

Beth Gottfried working her magic at a client’s home.
(Michael Bates)

You could say Beth Gottfried was born with the organizing gene. She’s been organizing people’s possessions – and lives – for years. “My friends and family have tapped into my organizational skills since I was in my twenties,” Beth says. “I served for many years as an office manager in a few different businesses and medical practices, where I organized the staff, the office, the doctors and the executives.”

But it wasn’t until this year that she decided to take her organizational skills to a new level. A friend who owns a kitchen-design business asked her to organize a client’s home professionally. “That’s when my business was started,” Gottfried explains. “I’ve now organized homes all over California, from San Diego to San Francisco.”

Gottfried says her method of organizing stems from her people skills – her ability to connect with someone on a personal level and figure out what’s needed to organize and stylize a client’s home, kitchen, bedroom, closet or work space. “My clients have said how amazed they are at the transformation when it’s completed,” recounts Gottfried. “I just returned from one of my clients in San Francisco where she thought her family was outgrowing their beautiful Victorian home. I created more space in her daughter’s room, and she texted saying ‘You saved our home and family. I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the house.’”

Gottfried has organized and enhanced homes from Victorians in San Francisco to modern homes in Marina Del Rey. Her clients are usually entrepreneurs, tech executives and older couples who want to clean out and modernize their homes. Or sometimes, she works with families with young children whose homes have been taken over by toys and clutter.

One of her clients recently commented on the reorganization of her daughter’s room. “I have noticed a new excitement to her day when she sees the little nook in her room where we can read, draw and play. I believe God brings people into your life for a reason and Beth adds an extra sparkle to my daughter’s eyes every day when she sees her room.”

Gottfried’s services are sought out during key transition times in people’s lives. “Kids leaving for college? Check. Newly remodeled home, kitchen, bathroom or closet? Check. Divorcing and need a fresh start and look? Check. Downsizing, moving into a small space? Check. Moving in with your new spouse or partner? Check. Having been through many transitions myself, I really tap into and understand what people need at these times in their lives, whether the transition is a sad one, or a fun one!”

The entrepreneurial organizer learned her skills while growing up in a small apartment in Los Angeles, where space – and money -- were tight. “I was always the one analyzing what we should or shouldn’t buy,” she recalls, “and what in our house needed to go, and how to purchase things at discount stores that looked really expensive!”

Right now, Gottfried works alone but she says business is booming so she’s currently looking for an assistant. But, she says, even if she expands the business, she’ll never lose the passion she has for creating “dream spaces” for her clients. The most rewarding part of her job is “seeing my clients walk in on the last day of a job in shock that their homes, closets, kitchens or children’s rooms have been completely transformed! I have never had an unsatisfied client. And I’m doing what I absolutely love to do.”

If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact Beth Gottfried at or call her at 949-510-7420.

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