Cross Construction offers a wide variety of high-quality services

The Cross Construction team, from left, Savanah Prichard, Cailin Drakos, Jake Strehlow, Lauren Hagglund and Kirk Westerfield.
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Clients can also keep track of their project through an app


Cross Construction was started in 1987 by Presley Cross – hence the name. However, it’s now owned by CEO Greg Drakos and COO Cailin Drakos, along with a few other partners. How they came to take over the business speaks volumes about the quality of the company’s work.

“My husband has worked in real estate investment, development and construction during his career,” explains Cailin, “and we always talked about having a real estate and construction company for ourselves. We had worked with Cross Construction on our own home, and the team was just incredible. It is very difficult to find a great contractor these days. So when Presley approached us in 2017 about selling the business, we decided to jump on it.”

And they never looked back. In fact, they’ve expanded the company and streamlined operations to keep delivering that high-quality customer service. Cailin explains, “We’ve added two really talented project managers and implemented a technology that allows our clients to track all aspects of their project.” Clients can keep track of their project’s schedule, budget, invoices and photos – all through an app on their phone. “Our clients love the transparency and simplicity,” she added, “and appreciate that we’re bringing construction into the 21st century to make it easier for them.”

Unlike many construction companies, Cross offers a spectrum of services including general contracting, concrete and masonry, landscape installation and landscape maintenance. And it takes a much different approach than most contractors with its “Integrated Project Delivery.” Basically, it’s a system where the team takes the lead from the beginning and deals with the process from idea to design to permitting and then building.

“That process can lead to a lot of frustration, delays and cost overruns,” says Cailan. “We understand the client’s needs -- including style, budget and schedule -- so we bring together the right team and manage the entire project from start to finish.”

Residential remodel in Del Mar.

The company serves a wide range of clients, from residential to commercial. But their typical clients are generally homeowners who want to create their dream home, along with an amazing outdoor space. One of the company’s latest projects was an $8 million home in Rancho Santa Fe. It’s currently working on two separate homes in La Jolla that are each expected to sell for more than $15 million.

Cross also does a lot of smaller remodels and landscaping projects and it’s recently had a lot of demand for accessory dwelling units, commonly known as granny flats or guest houses. Cailin says, “Those are fun to build because each one has its own unique character.”

The construction business itself has been slow to change through the years, but Cross’s owners have made it a priority to be more progressive. They’ve implemented the latest technology and new materials into their business. In fact, the technology alone has become a game changer for them.

“Using the latest project management software, our field teams are able to track all aspects of a project much more efficiently using their phones or tablets,” explains Cailin. “And our client-facing technology allows clients to stay up-to-date without having to call or visit the job site every day.”

Cross’s senior general contractor Kirk Westerfield regularly attends regional and national trade shows to meet with manufacturers and keep up with the latest trends.

Cross Construction is growing, but it’s not necessarily priority number one. Cailin says emphatically, “We don’t take it lightly that clients are trusting us with their hard-earned money on a major undertaking. Each project is important to us. We want to make sure we manage our growth appropriately without sacrificing quality and service. So rather than just getting bigger, we’d really like to be known throughout San Diego for our innovative approach, our quality work and our outstanding customer service.”

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