MJH Studios ‘fashions it forward’ in Polo Plaza

MJH Studios showcases fashion-forward styles
MJH Studios showcases fashion-forward styles

If you’re looking for “fashion forward” locally, look no further than MJH Studios, located in the newly renovated Polo Plaza on Via de la Valle. Amid the shops at Polo Plaza, MJH Studios is one of two new additions, and owner Myles Hasnain has come up with his own hybrid style of servicing local fashionistas.

“MJH Studios is truly a culmination of experiences from my 10-plus years in the fashion industry,” says Hasnain. “With a background in sales, retail design, editorial and personal styling, I wanted to create something tangible that I could share with the San Diego community. I saw a gap in the market for a shopping experience that carried unique designers while also presenting collections in an elevated way. I offer personal styling services, while selling luxury clothing from the perspective of an industry insider.”

Hasnain also offers something he calls “curated consignment.” In fact, he came up with the term himself. “Curated consignment is something I came up with to differentiate The Studio’s consignment inventory from ordinary consignment stores,” he explains. “While consignment is a very small fraction of my business (most items are brand new), I wanted to establish that every item here, secondhand or not, is something special. I created MJH Studios to showcase fashion-forward finds, and that applies to every stitch here.”

MJH Studios owner Myles Hasnain
MJH Studios owner Myles Hasnain

Just about 95 percent of everything in his shop is new and sourced from various places. He works with showrooms in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto to bring one-of-a-kind styles together.

“If I’m overseas and find something I love from a designer I’m not familiar with, I’ll bring it back with me to introduce to clients back home,” he says. “Fashion is not only universal, but timeless as well. I carry current and previous collections, as I also believe in sustainability and extending the life cycle of beautiful work.”

And, rest assured, Hasnain is no fashion pushover. In fact, his choice of items has to pass a high bar. “Usually if I have to do a double-take, it’s a good sign. I love pieces that are different because of their detailing, their fabrics or colors, and because I can’t live without them. While designer labels are great because they come with a guarantee of quality, a piece has to really be special in order for me to bring it into The Studio. I also do specialty sourcing for clients who are looking for a specific event and will bring in multiple options for them to try on.”

Hasnain says his typical client is anything but typical. They’re usually looking for something new and fresh that can’t be found at other local boutiques or department stores. “My clients are men and women who make the effort to dress well and want to find the right style to express their point of view. I’ve tried to bring a sense of lightness to fashion and to let people have fun when they are here. These fashion-forward thinkers not only want stand-out pieces, but things they can work into everyday wear as well.”

With every new business comes a level of uncertainty and risk, and Hasnain definitely felt that at first when he opened the shop. But, he says, the reception has been warm and welcoming, and he’s grateful for that. He started with a handful of VIP clients as a personal stylist, and grew his client book from there. He gives out his number and lets his clients know he’s there for them, ready for any fashion emergency. “I’ve made late-night deliveries, helped mothers of the bride feel at ease on the big day, and have helped zip up more dresses than I can count,” he quips.

Personal styling is a big part of his business, and Hasnain tries to weave it into the overall experience at MJH Studios. “I can be hired to come to your closet to organize, style outfits together, or even just edit through pieces to make room for new ones! The Studio itself is the perfect place to host clients for a one-on-one consultation. We go over what you want out of the experience, and I listen to what your ideal wardrobe would look like. I’ve even had clients bring in pieces of their own to the store, and we mix and match with what I have here. I always make sure to make it a fun time!”

You can follow Hasnain’s Instagram account @mjh.studios to get up-to-date offers, new products and fashionable content. You can also visit www.mjh.studio for his newly launched website and online store. Right now, the online store features women’s shoes and accessories but will soon expand to include both women’s and men’s clothing.

You can visit MJH Studios at 3790 Via de la Valle, Suite 218, Del Mar, 92014. MJH Studios reserves Mondays and Tuesday of each week for priority appointments. However, if there are no scheduled appointments, MJH Studios is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. MJH Studios is open Wednesday-Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-3 p.m. MJH Studios is closed on Sunday. You can call, text or email prior to visiting to make sure the shop is open at 650-380-1134 or myles@mjhstudios.us.

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