Gen819 offers commercial and residential roofing and solar services

An example of roofing work by Gen819.
An example of roofing work by Gen819.

Gen819 is determined to become the solar roofing partner of choice for local communities. After being in the business of roofing since 2008, owner Marcus Maedl decided a few years into it that solar had to become an integral part of his roofing company. So in 2014, the company merged with SDF Roofing and started offering commercial and residential roofing services always with the option of solar.

“Our teams are continuously retrained in-house and in the field,” says Maedl. “We bring in material and trade experts to ensure that the correct procedures are being applied in the right way.”

In 2019, Gen819 became an “employee-owned business,” and boasts one of the lowest employee turnover ratios in the industry. General Manager Linda Brakin explains, “We started offering health insurance to employees a few years ago and we are working on a 401K plan for our most precious asset, our crews. We also invest in education. And as of 2019, employees can earn future shares in the business as well. So we are here to stay and grow at a healthy pace.”

When it comes to residential roofing, Gen819 specializes in synthetic shake tiles such as CeDur, metal roofs and Spanish mission-style clay tiles. On the commercial side, Gen819 offers TPO and PVC membranes as cost effective, durable solutions.

An example of solar roofing work by Gen819.
An example of solar roofing work by Gen819.

In the last decade, Gen819 has also partnered with the solar company Sunpower to install solar roofing in new-home construction. They’ve installed solar photovoltaic modules into more than a thousand residential roofs. “Combining roofing with solar allows you to get at least a good portion of the roof work covered under the still-available solar tax credit,” explains Maedl.

Maedl says his company’s method is approved by all homeowners associations, including the most restrictive ones, like those that exist in Rancho Santa Fe.

“We follow the strictest quality and aesthetic procedures and guidelines,” he says. “We only use high-efficiency black-in-black solar panels and the arrays are recessed into the roof for the best optics and appeal. There are never rails visible or cables dangling. Nothing but clean, low-form factor solar arrays.”

The other benefit to installing solar panels on a roof that’s being constructed is that there’s a guarantee that the roof can accommodate the solar construction, since they’re being built hand in hand.

“Many solar companies will install on questionable roofs and a few years down the road the client may experience leaks,” adds Maedl. “The original installer is often no longer available or will refuse to repair the roof.” Gen819 offers a 15-year to lifetime warranty against roof leaks.

Gen819’s roofers prep the roof for the solar crew, then come back when solar is installed and trim the tile around the array. Maedl says, “This has earned us many happy reference clients in the most affluent and prestigious neighborhoods such as Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar and La Jolla.”

The showroom for Gen819 is located at 1235 Activity Drive East in Vista. Its sales office is located at 16956 Via de Santa Fe in Rancho Santa Fe. Call Gen819 at (760) 420-0166 or email at Visit for more information.

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