Kim Kelly Fit transitions to online fitness classes

Kim Kelly, owner of Kim Kelly Fit, has moved to offer online classes after her Del Mar Plaza studio has temporarily closed during the pandemic.

Del Mar’s Kim Kelly Fit has launched a new virtual workout studio, serving up a mix of strength and cardio classes that can be done at home.

Owner and trainer Kim Kelly, an expert in a diverse range of training disciplines, has curated a unique fitness program that promises to be efficient and challenging, including great music, lots of laughs in addition to a “killer workout.” Kelly’s philosophy is that positive energy produces positive physical and emotional results—one of her biggest joys is motivating and inspiring people to get moving and have fun.

Kelly is a New England native who has been in California for 25 years. She was always active as a kid but never played any organized sports—she got really into fitness later in life when she started running and working out at the gym.

When she would go to classes at the gym, she would always think:“That was a good move but I would’ve done it this way,” finding a twist to add an extra burn or an extra layer of difficulty. She soon figured out that fitness was her true passion and she couldn’t just keep her ideas to herself.

Kim Kelly
Kim Kelly

The mother of two who has had careers in radio and retail, soon took over the role of instructor at local fitness studios, becoming certified in yoga, barre BodyRok and Lagree Pilates, TRX and as a personal trainer. She developed her own unique and powerful fitness regimen that focuses on high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

“Everything I do is a fusion from what I’ve done over the last 12 years because I don’t like doing the same thing twice,” Kelly said.

She opened the Kim Kelly Fit studio in the Del Mar Plaza in December 2018, offering small group classes and personal training with TRX suspensions, hand weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bans and barre. She also led a running club once a week.

“My signature class is called Fit Factor and it’s a combination of strength and cardio sculpting,” Kelly said of the class that brings in a bend of plyometrics, lunges, squats and planks that challenges strength, endurance and aerobic fitness. “It’s a lot of body-weight training, not heavy weight lifting. We’re going for light weights and high repetitions.”

Kelly said it has been amazing to have the studio in Del Mar and she had always hoped to expand her online presence but had lacked the time. Having to temporarily close her studio due to the COVID-19 pandemic was a “blessing in disguise” that has forced her to think outside the box.

“Everyone is doing at-home fitness right now and I’m going to do it better,” Kelly said, knowing that her motivational and inspirational style will help deliver a fun way to stay fit and happy at home.

One day after California’s stay-at-home order, she went online with videos and has been busy filming and uploading three to four videos a day. She does live Instagram workouts every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:30 a.m and on April 1, she launched the KK Fit Virtual Studio Library for $18 a month. The online workouts range from 12 to 30 minutes in a variety of workout styles including yoga, dance and sculpt, Bootie Barre, Fit Fusion (focusing on isometric and dynamic movements combining Pilates, barre and cardio kickboxing) and her signature Fit Factor class in full body, abs, arms and bootie.

The membership comes with a private Facebook group for community and accountability, as well as access to meal preparation plans, giveaways and guest instructors.

In these challenging times, Kelly believes that exercise is going to be an important tool to keep people feeling mentally and physically strong.

“You’ve got to get moving,” Kelly said, adding that exercise is good for your respiratory health, it can elevate your mood, lower your cortisol levels (the stress hormone), help you sleep better and as a bonus, sweat off some of your quarantine snacks and feel better in your clothes.

“When you feel good, it shows in your attitude,” Kelly said of her hope that she can help everyone stay healthy and happy while navigating this new norm. “Stay positive. And keep moving.”

Find her on Instagram @KimKellyFit or visit

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The Kim Kelly Fit studio in Del Mar Plaza.
The Kim Kelly Fit studio in Del Mar Plaza.