Moms Making Six Figures assisting with pandemic-related surge in working from home

 Moms Making Six Figures
Interest in Moms Making Six Figures has increased since the pandemic led to mass layoffs and closures of workplaces throughout the country.

With the unemployment rate still high, the economy in the early stages of a long recovery and office buildings closed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many workers have been exploring ways to work from home.

For about 12 years, the San Diego-based company Moms Making Six Figures has been helping its members, including many women who wanted to be able to spend more time with their families, earn money on their own terms while working from home.

“Our model is kind of perfectly designed for what is happening right now,” said Heidi Bartolotta, the company’s founder and a resident of Del Sur.

Members of Moms Making Six Figures serve as marketing representatives who educate others in their communities about hundreds of consumer products from a U.S.-based manufacturer. The company also provides mentorship for women on building and succeeding in their own business ventures.

The women who are a part of the company have raved about how they have more freedom for activities such as family holiday celebrations, the ability to connect with other women who have similar goals, and more financial freedom and flexibility.

Despite the ambitious company name, Moms Making Six Figures does not guarantee any particular amount in earnings, but enables its members to work at their own pace and establish their own earning goals and potential.

“For years, we knew that we had a good model and, honestly, over the last few months it’s become even more apparent,” said Bartolotta, who has two daughters.

She added that many women have been bearing the brunt of trying to maintain their careers while spending more time watching their children after schools closed and making sure their children are staying on top of their distance learning. With these added household pressures, Bartolotta said that inquiries from people interested in Moms Making Six Figures have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

But many have also embraced the new normal of spending more time at home, with family, and want to maintain that lifestyle as the world returns to normal.

“I have friends, very high performing corporate women and they’re like, ‘I haven’t spent this much time with my kids ever, and now I can’t imagine going back to dropping them off and picking them up and essentially putting them to bed.’ So I think there’s a lot of reevaluation going on,” Bartolotta said.

Bartolotta said Moms Making Six Figures is “so incredibly at the forefront” of the pandemic-induced paradigm shift in the balance between home and work. She added that the company is “growing like crazy.”

“I think people are rethinking a lot of things,” she said. “I think for some people it has forced their employers to realize that, ‘Oh, our workforce can be homebased.’ I think there’s going to be a huge shift.”

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