Children’s Primary Care Medical Group continues mission of keeping children healthy

Children’s Primary Care Medical Group's vision is "to deliver the healthiest group of children into adulthood."

For more than 25 years, Children’s Primary Care Medical Group has been furthering its mission to be the region’s only health care provider focused on the wellbeing of children.

“A very important part of Children’s Primary Care Medical Group is that we’re in every community,” said Dr. Adam Breslow, who trained at University of California Medical Center San Diego for his residency and has been a general pediatrician since 1986. “We have 28 offices in San Diego and Riverside counties. It’s not a very far distance for anybody to get to our offices. Over the last few years we have dramatically enhanced our access through video visits so people can get to their physicians on a regular basis. We’re open 359 days a year, but we offer access 365 days a year through either telehealth or nurse triage.”

The COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges for doctors and their patients, but Children’s Primary Care Medical Group continued to adapt and serve patients.

“We have not had to close any offices or limit any access for patients, that’s important,” Breslow said.

He continued, “The first challenge early in the pandemic was patients were very much afraid to come to the office. They thought the office was a place where they could catch COVID. So we invested quite a bit of resources in safety, personal protective equipment and hygiene equipment for the office. We limited well visits in the morning and sick visits in the afternoon to make sure patients felt safe.”

The longer the pandemic has continued, the more risks it’s had for children.

“Since last summer, it’s becoming a pediatric pandemic and with the recent Omicron wave,” Breslow said. “It’s a tremendous amount of pediatric illness. So we had to ramp up dramatically the COVID testing we do in the office. We work with Rady’s for that.”

The pandemic also created the need for more mental health services.

“We’ve moved quite strongly into the mental health crisis by giving extra training to all our clinicians to deal with both depression and anxiety that has increased during the last couple of years,” Breslow said.

Some of the offerings that Children’s Primary Care Medical Group offers include well visits including developmental screenings and guidance, newborn care, physicals for things like school and sports, immunizations, weight management and nutrition tips, mental health and behavioral consultations, and teen healthcare.

“Our vision for the group is to deliver the healthiest group of children into adulthood,” Breslow said. “That’s what we try to accomplish.”

The organization has been emphasizing that it’s always important for families to stay healthy by keeping up with well child visits and immunizations. Other steps that Children’s Primary Care Medical Group takes to keep patients safe include a health screening of all providers, staff and patients before entering the office, having everyone wear a face covering, and practicing rigorous sanitation.

“Our group is very much dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all children in San Diego,” Breslow said. “Our group is very mission oriented. We are the single largest safety-net provider for underserved children in the state of California.”

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