Daniel Rosati Hair brings East Coast flair to Solana Beach

Daniel Rosati
Daniel Rosati

As one of the newer stylists in town, Daniel Rosati Hair brings a lot of experience working with different hair types in Solana Beach and throughout North County.

“Everyone is different, with different hair and different personalities and lifestyles,” said Rosati, who has more than 33 years of experience and has worked in Frederic Fekkai, Berdgorf Goodman, Stephen Knoll and other well-known salons.

“This is what makes my work so interesting,” he added. “And, of course, you have to take the client’s facial structure into consideration when you consider the cut.”

Roasati’s father worked with hair, and that’s how he eventually got into it. He was also inspired by his uncle, cousins and sister to get into the business.

It’s now been more than 30 years since Rosati started working as a barber with his father, Charles, who was still cutting hair into his 70s in New Jersey.

Before moving to San Diego from the East Coast, Rosati served many different neighborhoods that helped him hone his techniques for working with different types of hair. Working in a Puerto Rican and Italian neighborhood back east, Rosati became accustomed to handling curly hair, and gained even more experience working with top stylists in New York.

“I got into the trade to do men’s hair, but eventually I turned into being a unisex stylist,” Rosati stated.

An effective way of treating curly hair, for example, is cutting it while it’s dry, so the stylist can see what the cowlicks are going to do before he alters them, Rosati said.

Many of Rosati’s clients, women in particular, often seek his advice on the most flattering styles for them. He likes to take an approach of getting to know them and “helping women look beautiful.”

“If a client looks better, she will feel better,” he said.

Some of Rosati’s most dedicated customers throughout the years have been women who have gone through menopause, whose hair is affected by hormonal changes.

“Hair can change; it can lose melanin and elasticity, and may be thinner,” he said. “It might get less curly or more curly,” and some spots may have more ringlets or waves than others.

Rosati also cuts men’s hair, preferring to use the scissors-over-comb technique instead of clippers.

“When you’re slicing the hair, and the hair grows back, it interlinks better and doesn’t get as wide and puffy as it would with a clipper haircut,” he once described.

Daniel Rosati Hair is located at 135 S. Highway 101 in Solana Beach. For more information, visit danielrosatihair.com or call (858) 900-8187.

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