Massage Concepts brings seven years of exceptional customized massage

Massage Concepts offers different services for clients all over North County.

Located in the Del Mar Highlands Town Center, Massage Concepts has been working with clients in Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas and the surrounding areas for more than seven years.

“Massage Concepts was started with a simple mission,” said Anne Weitz, owner of Massage Concepts. “Provide affordable quality massage services to our community.”

To that end, therapists at Massage Concepts focus on providing services customized to each client’s individual needs. All therapists are certified by the California Massage Therapy Council and have experience in all massage modalities.

Massage Concepts also has a user-friendly online booking system that allows clients to pick the service time that fits their busy schedules. When making a reservation, clients can select the type of massage and request preferred therapist or focus areas. All online appointments are reviewed by the staff and special requests are accommodated whenever possible.

Over its seven years in business, therapists at Massage Concepts pride themselves on building lasting relationships with their clients and the community. Even though their client base has grown well beyond 1,000 repeat customers, they take the time to get to know their clients, their preferred type of massage, the areas they want them to focus on and their favorite therapists.

Massage Concepts also provides different types of massage for different clients’ needs.

“Some clients are focused on relaxation while others come to us for pain relief or recovery from exercise,” Weitz said.

The company’s website describes the different types of massage they offer, which the client can further customize to focus on a particular part of the body or a special need.

One of the most popular services at Massage Concepts is the Tech Buster Combo Massage, where the therapist spends half of the session focused on the client’s neck, shoulder, arms, wrist and hands. The other half of the session can be customized to be full body, targeted back pain or foot reflexology. The Tech Buster massage is created to help people who spend a lot of time in front of their computers or using their cell phone to relieve muscle tension in their shoulders, arms and hands.

During the springtime when allergies flare, some clients request their TMJ Relief Massage to relieve headache, sinus congestion and tension in their jaw muscles. Clients who like to cycle or jog frequently request their Runner’s Rescue Massage, which focuses on relaxing leg and calf muscles and relieving tightness in the hips and glutes region.

For clients seeking more of a spa ritual/relaxation experience, Massage Concepts offers add-on services such as exfoliating back scrub, detox clay body wrap, foot scrub, weighted heat therapy and high-quality YoungLiving Essential oils for stress relief.

For clients seeking pain relief, they incorporate different pain relief products such as CBD oil, Tiger Balm, or the ancient Woodlock Medicated Oil imported from Hong Kong.

Massage Concepts also prioritizes cleanliness, health and safety, especially over the last few years with the COVID-19 pandemic. The company took extra precautions to minimize the risk of spreading the virus and are proud to say that none of their therapists came down with the virus. Many of the measures they took became part of their best practices that are still in use today. Massage Concepts also has a Code of Conduct for therapists and clients that is closely followed.

Massage Concepts does not require memberships or any other type of long-term commitment.

“We are firm believers that if you like us, you will be back,” Weitz said.

Massage Concepts is located at 12925 El Camino Real, Suite J25, in the Del Mar Highlands Town Center. For more information, visit

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