CrossCountry Mortgage continues to serve a wide array of customers


Since its beginnings as a mortgage broker in Cleveland, Ohio, about 20 years ago, CrossCountry Mortgage has been working to fulfill its vision of becoming a nationwide full-service lender that could go above and beyond for its customers.

Patrick Larkin
( Connor P. Larkin)

“The goal is to get as many people into homes or investment properties, and with a very competitive rate,” said Patrick Larkin, vice president of mortgage lending at CrossCountry Mortgage.

Larkin said that CrossCountry can help a lot of lenders in ways that go beyond the traditional banks, where everything is full documentation.

“They do tax returns, W2s, whatever it may be,” Larkin said. “But we have what’s known as alternative doc programs as well as no-income verification programs. So we can get people qualified who normally can’t get qualified at a bank or traditional lender, as we do have those programs and we can actually go through their wholesale divisions. But at the same time, we can use a 12-months bank statement to get them approved, we can use profit and loss statements to get them approved, or, in some cases, if they’re self-employed and they don’t show any income they can put 25% to 30% down and we become an equity lender, where we get them approved based on their down payment and we don’t verify income.”

CrossCountry Mortgage has a headquarters in Brecksville, Ohio, as well as branch offices across the country. The company has been a Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae Approved seller/servicer since 2012. It has also expanded its mortgage-based solutions into multiple home purchase, refinance, and home equity products.

CrossCountry Mortgage, which is licensed in all 50 states, has been awarded the Smart Culture Award, Smart Business, five Best Workplace awards from NorthCoast 99 since 2016, and has been included on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies eight times since 2012.

CrossCountry Mortgage also has a resource section on its website that provides more information on loan types, a mortgage calculator and other resources that meets the varying needs of its prospective customers.

“We could be pretty much be a lender to all people,” Larkin said. “You go to In-N-Out, you get just a burger, whereas you go to a restaurant with an extensive menu, we can serve pretty much everybody and there’s something for everybody on the menu. If we can’t get you a loan, nobody can basically.”

For more information, visit and Call Larkin at 858-243-3928.

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