Aurora Concierge Group wants to ‘simplify people’s lives’ throughout San Diego

Bella Rochin, founder of Aurora Concierge Group
Bella Rochin, founder of Aurora Concierge Group
(Paula Luna)

During the pandemic Bella Rochin began a “mission to simplify people’s lives.”

“My goal was to allow people to have more freedom to do things in their day-to-day life,” said Rochin, who has honed her skills over the years working with law firms, real estate, and construction companies.

As more people started working from home due to COVID-19, Rochin noticed that many of them were spending more of their days on mundane, menial tasks that were taking away from more important endeavors.


The company she started, Aurora Concierge Group, wants to take those daily chores off a person’s plate so they can focus on career, family and more of what’s important. Many companies offer assistance with specific tasks, such as grocery delivery, but Aurora Concierge Group is “a company that is all-encompassing, a one-stop-shop kind of thing.”

“We are a real full-service company,” said Rochin, who is originally from Palm Springs and now lives in San Diego.

She continued, “It’s our goal to not only provide a service, but an experience. You will not only be hiring us to do a job, but you will be hiring us to be your advocate.”

Aurora Concierge Service offers an array of services that can benefit many different types of companies or help meet the needs that potential clients have in their personal lives.

“We’re not really seeking a particular person,” Rochin said. “People seek us because they need more time in their lives.”

One of the categories of services at Aurora Concierge Service is the personal concierge, which helps clients manage their personal affairs, party management and other personal assistant type of needs.

Another category of service is home concierge, which helps clients with home organization (including kitchen, office and closet management), new mom organization and other tasks.

“It allows us to handle your day-to-day things so you can focus on the things you find most important to you, whether that be your family, your career, your wellbeing,” Rochin said.

Aurora Concierge Service currently has a roster of clients in Palm Springs and San Diego, with plans to expand.

“We’d like to grow in San Diego a bit more and get ourselves out there,” Rochin said.

Aurora Concierge Group is also taking precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including having consultants wear protective face coverings when meeting and interacting with customers, and all equipment that they use when providing services to their customers is regularly disinfected.

Aurora Concierge Group provides service in Palm Springs as well as many different neighborhoods and cities throughout San Diego County. Prices for service vary based on factors such as the length and nature of the service. Prospective customers can book a free consultation on the company’s website.

The company offers customized memberships that can be purchased at the beginning of each month, and a minimum of eight hours must be purchased to receive the membership discount. Same-day requests can also be accommodated based on availability.

For more information, call 619-800-6237, email, or visit

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