Angie Gange empowers you to ‘find your passion’

Angie Gange
(Lauren Nicole Peters/The Radiance Photography Studio)

During the Great Recession, Angie Gange and her husband felt that the economy “pulled the rug out from underneath us.”

“I was actually in mortgage banking and when the recession hit I lost my job,” Gange said, “and really had to go deep and find a Plan B, which I thought was going to be short term.”

in 2011, Gange started a home business in the health and wellness industry, while still being active with her childrens’ school, never missing their sports games or music recitals. She succeeded in earning a six-figure income that she had lost from the positions she held before the recession.

Gange called it a “total risk but a huge success and blessing.”

She added, “I actually fell in love with what I was doing and it’s 12 years later and I’m still here, and now my passion is being able to help people do what I did.”

Now Gange uses her knowledge of sales, marketing and leadership to help others claim their own independence by building businesses that allow them to have more freedom for family, friends and other things that are important to them. With COVID-19 shaking up the workforce over the last few years, including layoffs and closures, more and more people have been looking to build their own businesses.

“I’ve been able to figure out a way to manage raising a family as well as being able to create a nice business,” Gange said. “I want to be able to help people do that.”

That experience goes back to her childhood, when both of her parents were entrepreneurs. Gange later graduated from USC’s business school and entrepreneurial program. After getting married at age 22 and starting a family at 24, Gange wanted to find a way to spend as much time with her family as possible while still contributing to the household income. By the time she turned 30, her family grew to include three children.

As her children got older, Gange went back to school to get her Real Estate Brokers license, started a mortgage banking firm, and was recruited to work for Bank of America Home Loans.

Working four hours a day, she made a six-figure income. Then the recession hit, setting Gange on her current path to help others achieve their goals on their terms, giving them more control and a roadmap to weather the unexpected in economically volatile times. No more late nights or time on the road away from her family.

Potential clients can start with a short call to provide some more information about their goals to see if working with Gange could help. Then there will be a discussion about the opportunities that they have to carve out their own niche to make money while maintaining more freedom and flexibility. Lastly, Gange can help establish systems to implement that will get results.

Potential clients can get started by filling out a quick form on Gange’s website with their names and a message. For more information, visit

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