Massage Concepts expanding to additional space in Del Mar Highlands Town Center

Massage Concepts offers different services for clients all over North County.
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To meet the local demand for therapeutic massage, Massage Concepts in the Del Mar Highlands Town Center will open a new space three doors down from its current location this May.

The new space will have seven treatment rooms for individual, couples and group massages, as well as rooms that can be connected to accommodate families and small groups. For a small fee, the store can also decorate the combined rooms for special events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, Mother’s Day or bachelorette parties.

“That was based on people’s requests in the past,” said Anne Weitz, owner of Massage Concepts.

The spa’s mission is to provide high-quality deep tissue and therapeutic massages to clients in a warm, trusted environment at an affordable price. All of the staff members in the facility care about the wellness of their clients, and use their knowledge of human anatomy to custom tailor each massage to the needs of each customer.

The company’s philosophy is that “customers will return and business will expand if we focus on quality and innovating.”

“With the new space, we definitely have to add more staff, so we look forward to adding the additional staff to accommodate people,” Weitz said. “Another thing that will come with the space is additional services.”

Popular services at Massage Concepts include the Tech Buster Combo Massage, which was created to relieve muscle tension in the shoulders, arms and hands of clients who spend a lot of time on their computers or cell phones. The therapist spends the first part of the session on the client’s neck, shoulder, arms, wrist and hands. The second part of the session can be customized to be full body, targeted back pain or foot reflexology.

With spring coming up, a time when allergies flare, some clients turn to the TMJ Relief Massage to relieve headaches, sinus congestion and tension in their jaw muscles.

Massage Concepts offers a wide variety of services.
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Massage Concepts also offers a wide range of other massage techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, four-hand massages and couples massages.

Weitz added that Massage Concepts will also be incorporating fragrances in its massage products to meet the requests of clients who have asked for aromatic options.

“We’re adding a fragrance one, so you can choose, and there will be many options for which fragrance you want,” she said.

Massage Concepts also has a few other additions to meet the needs of its growing clientele.

“We’re adding a beverage station including tea, iced tea, hot water and coffee,” Weitz said. “That will be in the main lobby. And each room now is equipped with wireless charging. That’s a small detail, but it’s a very convenient feature for people who are getting massaged and getting their bodies recharged. Their phones will also be recharged.”

Massage Concepts also has its popular online booking system that allows customers to find times that work for them.

Massage Concepts is located at 12925 El Camino Real, Suite J25, in the Del Mar Highlands Town Center. For more information, visit

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