Architectural Development company is available for creative, unique redevelopment and other projects

David Howe and his family. (Cynthia Abbott Photography)

David Howe and his company Architectural Development relocated from Boston to San Diego several years ago with the goal of taking on a range of unique and creative projects involving redevelopment and other construction.

“I really felt that Rancho Santa Fe in particular was very conducive to the work that I do,” said Howe, who took over his father’s business when he was 18. “We’re primarily redevelopment specialists, where we’re getting involved in homes that are dated and require significant renovation and updates.”

Howe added that Boston was a great market, but it was small and he found himself having to be conservative in the work he took on. In Rancho Santa Fe, he said he sees a lot of opportunities in homes that were built 25 to 35 years ago but have not had any work done since.

“That’s precisely what we do, is give clients like that the potential to be able to make their current home exactly what they would want it to be by today’s standards,” Howe said. “It’s an awful lot of fun, I think it’s a lot more challenging and interesting than building new construction. We do build custom homes and new construction homes as well, but a large-scale renovation and that sense of home, especially when you’ve been there for a number of years, to truly make it your dream home goes a long way.”

His redevelopment projects typically involve expansion, dramatic floor plan alterations, significant structural components, and a complete heirloom quality remodel.

“We are really looking to make a property the best that it has the potential to be by today’s standards,” Howe said.

Howe’s experience in the business dates back to when he was raised in a landscape and construction company that his father started, and he has spent his entire adult life in the construction field. By serving as the client’s primary point of contact from their initial inquiry through the completion of the process, his business model is extremely personalized.

Howe also oversees the architectural design process, during which he develops the design in collaboration with one of the firm’s architects. He is also present at every meeting and makes presentations to the clients at each step of the process.

“I have extensive experience in the design and installation of backyard landscapes, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens,” Howe said.

Howe’s work has been recognized by publications including the Wall Street Journal, Luxury Portfolio International, Bloomberg, Barron’s, New England Living and several others.

“I have a great passion for this business, with a perfectionist nature, I obsess over the quality of everything and relentlessly work to ensure that every possible project detail is attended to and is the best it can possibly be,” Howe said.

Howe also said that moving to San Diego with his wife has helped expand the horizons of their sons Landon, 8, and Nolan, 7. The family has explored the hiking trails, parks, restaurants, weather and other attractions throughout the region.

“We’re thrilled with the decision to have moved here,” Howe said. “I think we’ve experienced a lot of what San Diego has to offer.”

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