Bespoke Dentistry dazzles patients with spa-like service

Bespoke Dentistry provides a wide variety of dental treatments as well as spa-like amenities.
Bespoke Dentistry provides a wide variety of dental treatments as well as spa-like amenities.
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Bespoke Dentistry, located at the Del Mar Highlands Town Center in Carmel Valley, is committed to serving patients with an experience that more closely resembles a spa.

“We looked at changing all the stigmas and challenges with dentistry, understanding that some people think it could be painful, or some folks have anxiety or may have had a bad experience as a child,” said Ryan Stempfle, husband and business partner of Dr. Leah Stempfle, who brings more than a decade of dental experience into the practice. “Here, we’ve hand selected each device and designed our space.”

Dr. Leah Stempfle
Dr. Leah Stempfle
(Bepoke Dentistry)

Upon walking through the door at Bespoke Dentistry, patients notice curved walls, spa-like music and are greeted with refreshments before sitting down in a pre-treatment room with a complimentary eye massager that soothes the face and relaxes the nerves. The facility also has a chihuahua that serves as a comfort dog, among other amenities to put patients at ease.

“From there, you’re escorted to your private room, everything being top-of-the-line quality,” Stempfle said. “Tall ceilings and brand new leather chairs that are plush.”

Images are also put up on large-screen televisions to show patients everything going on in their mouths.

Then the cleaning starts.

Ryan Stempfle
Ryan Stempfle
(Bepoke Dentistry)

“We don’t use traditional metal tools to scrape plaque off the teeth,” Stempfle said. “We use a guided biofilm airflow device from Switzerland. We looked all over the world for these different devices and this one is truly the new standard of care for hygiene or cleaning. It seems like all offices are trying to get their hands on these devices and we’re fortunate to have two of them.”

He added that it’s like “a warm bath in your mouth.”

“It clinically is proven to clean your teeth better than they’ve ever been cleaned before,” Stempfle said. “It uses warm spring water, air and a plaque-inhibitor powder, so it will whiten your teeth as it cleans. It removes stains and it gets in between the inside ledges of the teeth better than any tool can.”

The tools they use allow for treatment that is “faster, more effective and delicate.”

“I think those three things are hard to come by,” Stempfle said.

Bespoke Dentistry is located in the Del Mar Highlands Town Center.
(BeSpoke Dentistry)

Services at Bespoke Dentistry include invisalign and orthodontics, veneers, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and dental emergencies. The practice also offers same-day services, including same-day crowns that they can do in a couple of hours.

Leah and Ryan Stempfle, who moved to San Diego from Canada two years ago, wanted to relocate for the schools and fulfill a longtime dream of living in the place where they honeymooned.

“It’s been a really busy two years,” Stempfle said. “I just remember coming down pre-pandemic. I was actually at One Paseo across the street. I was all brand new. I Facetimed my wife and said this place is awesome, it’s all about health and wellness and people are really investing in their health and their wellbeing. We felt this was the right model for us and the right place for us to be.”

They opened Bespoke Dentistry about one year ago, and are planning a one-year anniversary party this August. It will include several promotions and the biggest discounts they’ve had on cosmetic services and invisalign. Pre-booking is now available for the one-day-only event.

Bespoke Dentistry’s address is 12853 El Camino Real, Suite 205, Carmel Valley. For more information, visit

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