World Class Vacations in Del Mar offers world class travel options

World Class Vacations is located at 12th Street and Camino Del Mar.
(Debra Storrs)

Debra Storrs from World Class Vacations, located at 12th Street and Camino Del Mar in the city of Del Mar, offers a wide range of services that can help travelers experience their dream vacations in any destination in the world.

“I specialize in luxury cruises and private and small group tours of Europe, the South Pacific and Hawaii,” said Storrs, who began her career as a flight attendant with TWA based in New York. “My specialty is matching the vacation with the customer. I enjoy creating detailed itineraries from the affordable to the most luxurious.”

She added that with her services and experience, she can put together “whatever the customer wants to do, however they want to customize it.”

Just recently, Storrs arranged a trip to Italy for four couples that takes them through Venice, Lake Como, Portofino and the Amalfi Coast. She also arranged a cruise to Italy, Spain and France for a family and added a stop in London and Paris so their granddaughter could look at colleges.

After her time as a flight attendant, Storrs wanted to return to her home city of San Diego. She received schooling on becoming a travel agent. She held a couple different jobs before before opening her own travel agency in Maui, which she ran for 10 years before relocating to Del Mar, where she has been for the last 25 years. With the rise in online booking sites, many travelers overlook the benefits of using a travel agent. Storrs said that throughout her career she has accumulated relationships with hotels, airlines and other vendors all over the world that give her clients benefits that they wouldn’t be able to get if they had booked their trips themselves.

“With nearly 40 years in the travel business I have a lot of suppliers that I work with that give me special wholesale airfare on business class and coach,” Storrs said. “And then I also get special discounts on cruise lines. All of these things they wouldn’t get if they booked online themselves. They won’t get the airfare that I can get or the cruise discounts or the special onboard credits.”

In addition to helping their clients secure the best prices on travel, a number of studies on travel have also shown that using a travel agent can help travelers reduce the amount of time they spend booking their own trip. The number of hours they accumulate researching flights, tours and other travel options can quickly add up and reduce efficiency, whereas a travel agent can help streamline the process.

Some of the benefits Storrs has been able to secure for her clients include upgrades in hotels and options to customize their trips.

“It just goes on and on, the amenities that they will get if they don’t book it themselves are huge,” Storrs said. “But most people don’t know that and they just go book it.”

World Class Vacations is located at 222 12th St. in Del Mar. For more information, visit

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