Aug. 14, 2020



A group of Canyon Crest Academy and Torrey Pines students hope to raise awareness of gender inequality and inspire students through a Women in Leadership Panel that is free and open to the public.

Del Mar Highlands Town Center has announced a handful of new boutique, bakery and lifestyle offerings that will be added to the center this fall.

Canyon Crest Academy math teacher Brian Shay was recognized as one of the outstanding 107 recipients of the 2019 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

The student-led organization Project Aquascope is hosting a free summer seminar series through Aug. 21 with weekly seminars focused on environmental sustainability, STEM education and youth empowerment.

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Latest Del Mar News

  1. Solana Beach business owner Lesa Heebner will be the only mayoral candidate on the ballot when Solana Beach city residents vote in November.

  2. Many Del Mar residents once again expressed their disapproval for the idea of homeless housing at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, a possibility that the board of directors who run the state-owned venue continue to explore.

  3. County plans to counter drop in revenue caused by COVID-19 with $200 million from reserves over two years

  4. As chairman and CEO of CalciMedica, Rachel Leheny is overseeing the development of a potential treatment for organ damage caused by COVID-19 pneumonia.

  5. Schools will have to detail their plans for testing students, staff for COVID and triggers for returning to distance learning

  6. Demolition of Del Mar Heights School was expected to begin in July but it has now been delayed to September pending a coastal development permit.

  7. The Del Mar Foundation donated $180,820 to the city of Del Mar to help alleviate the financial difficulties from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  8. Recently, 600,000 students from all over the world participated in National History Day, a competition for individuals or groups to research a topic based on an annual theme, and then create a project to present to a panel of judges.