April 8, 2020
The Del Mar Union School District board fears it is gearing up for a legal fight with its Del Mar Heights School rebuild.
San Diego-based International Education Management Group is donating tens of thousands of personal protective equipment items to local hospitals for health care workers on the front lines of battling the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Piazza Carmel has partnered with the Scripps Clinic in Carmel Valley to deliver food to healthcare providers on a weekly basis during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  1. An additional 12 San Diego County residents have died of COVID-19, the largest single-day loss of life yet, county officials reported on Tuesday, April 7.
  2. The Del Mar City Council approved approximately $1.1 million in budget reductions and passed an urgency ordinance to halt commercial evictions during an April 6 meeting held remotely and broadcast on the city’s website.
  3. Helen Woodward Animal Center is part of the rescue of over 70 orphan Louisiana pets whose lives were on the line.
  4. One of the new community choice aggregation energy programs in the San Diego region has received its official certification from state regulators.
  5. Despite COVID-19 creating serious health fears and financial obstacles for millions of Californians, property taxes will not be postponed and are still due April 10.
  6. Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, community organizations are trying to provide necessary services, brace for the long-term economic impacts and boost morale among local residents.
  7. The Helyx Initiative, started by a group of Canyon Crest Academy students, is holding a hackathon April 10-12 with a $400 grand prize.
  8. Citing its local emergency declaration due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the city of Solana Beach is “unable to respond to requests received under the California Public Records Act,” according to an email from the city clerk’s office.
  9. For ongoing updates on coronavirus issues visit the link below at our sister newspaper, The San Diego Union-Tribune at: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/live-coronavirus-updates-in-san-diego Below is a link to updates on the number of coronavirus cases that exist in communities across San Diego County: https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/dam/sdc/hhsa/programs/phs/Epidemiology/COVID-19%20Daily%20Update_City%20of%20Residence.pdf Below is contact information to check on city and county updates: Events: Because of fears of the coronavirus spreading, most events have been canceled or postponed, and many venues/attractions have been temporarily closed.