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New Blue Bottle Coffee to serve up free coffee at Community Day on April 13

Blue Bottle Coffee opened on March 31 in Carmel Valley’s One Paseo.
(Karen Billing)

Oakland-born specialty coffee roaster Blue Bottle Coffee opened its first cafe in the San Diego market at Carmel Valley’s One Paseo on March 31. The One Paseo spot is now among a network of cafes in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Boston and Japan.

A second San Diego location will open downtown later this year.

Blue Bottle Coffee baristas trained in the art of pour over, espresso and milk foam will serve up coffee, espresso drinks, cold brew and house specialty New Orleans-style iced coffee. The stout New Orleans-style coffee with caramelized flavors of chicory root comes blended with whole milk and organic cane sugar.

The cafe also features a selection of pastries, Liège wafels and avocado toast. Ample seating is provided both inside the sleek and modern cafe, which features a blend of birch plywood and translucent gray, as well as outside in a central courtyard.

blue bottle
Cold brew from Blue Bottle Coffee. Karen Billing

The One Paseo cafe will also host coffee education classes where guests can learn about coffee brewing techniques and different varietals and coffee types through coffee cupping – or coffee tasting – classes.

As a token of its gratitude for its new Carmel Valley home, Blue Bottle is hosting a Community Day on Saturday, April 13 with coffee on the house.

On that day, all proceeds from food, merchandise and coffee bean sales will benefit the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

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