Daytime burglaries strike homes in Carmel Valley


A recent residential burglary was caught on camera in Carmel Valley as security footage shows thieves entering a home and carrying out the homeowner’s safe in broad daylight.

“It was a pretty brazen break-in,” said homeowner Anil Keswani, who was in Chicago visiting his dying father while his home was being burglarized. “They were precise in what they did.”

The timing couldn’t have been worse as one item inside the safe was his grandmother’s engagement ring that his father had passed down.

The break-in occurred about 12:45 p.m. Aug. 14 on Greenwillow Lane. A black/Asian male came to the door wearing a dress shirt with blue tie and a blue lanyard, according to a police report. He rang the doorbell and knocked several times before two other suspects went to the backyard to gain entry into the home. The house was ransacked and they carried out a safe.

Going straight for the safe and bypassing other valuable items made Keswani speculate that the crew was scarily “professional,” as if they had done their homework and it wasn’t a snatch and grab job.

Per the surveillance footage, the suspects were driving a 2017 white Honda Accord with blank Honda dealer plates.

Keswani wanted to raise awareness in the community as he is afraid a suspect could enter a home and mistakenly encounter a teenager. In his case, two of his children had just left the home prior to the break-in.

Keswani shared the incident on and neighbors said that there were several other homes in the area that had been burglarized recently. One neighbor noted that a car had been spotted casing the block, driving up and down the street at least 20 times. Keswani said on at least a couple of other occasions police have asked for surveillance footage from his security cameras.

Officer Trevor Philips, community relations officer for San Diego Police Department’s Northwestern Division, said he could not give any specifics on the case due to the continued investigation.

Earlier in the month, there was another daytime break-in caught on home security cameras in Carmel Valley, this one on Aug. 1 on the 12900 block of Harwick Lane, according to a police report.

At around 1:15 p.m., residents left their home to run errands and at 1:50 p.m. a silver Kia Soul parked in front of the home. A female driver walked up to the front door and knocked for about three minutes before returning to the vehicle. Second and third male suspects then exited the vehicle and entered the house while the driver drove away.

The suspects went through a side gate and broke a bathroom window to enter the home. They ransacked the home for about 30 minutes before tripping an upstairs motion detector and fleeing. The car was waiting for them and they sped away southbound on Ashley Falls Drive.

Both male suspects were wearing hoodies with the hoods pulled over their heads, while the female, who had long, black hair to her waist, was wearing a light-colored blouse, black pants and heels with an oversized purse on her shoulder.

“We have security cameras, we have house alarms, we have neighbors and yet, despite all the precautions, we had no luck,” Keswani said. “We need a really strong Carmel Valley response, to say this is not something you will get away with in our community.”

The police are looking for information on both cases. For the Greenwillow case, anyone with information is asked to call Detective Jenna Willkomm at (858) 523-7047. For the Harwick Lane incident, please forward information to Officer L. Cairncross at (858) 523-7041 or