San Diego-based math tool Geometiles part of National Math Festival

Geometiles founder Yana Mohanty

Geometiles, a math educational tool created by Carmel Valley resident Yana Mohanty, is partnering with the National Museum of Mathematics to bring Geometiles to the 2019 National Math Festival on May 4 in Washington D.C.

The biannual National Math Festival is the country’s largest celebration of mathematics, held at MoMath, the nation’s only museum of mathematics. Geometiles will host an activity area where the 20,000 event participants of all ages will be able to enjoy the interlocking tiles during free play and structured activities.

Geometiles launched three years ago and has won four national awards and found its way into numerous schools, math festivals, colleges, universities ,and homes across the country.

“Too many kids grow up having no math literacy, which limits both their life choices and their competence to handle everyday financial affairs,” said Mohanty, who earned her Ph.D. in mathematics at UC San Diego. “Many people are almost proud of being bad at math. But no one I know says ‘I’m bad at reading’ and just gives up on it.”

Mohanty’s approach to repair math’s bad reputation is to show how enjoyable learning math can be.

“The idea behind Geometiles is to give kids a tool that makes them so caught up in the discovery process while playing, that they won’t even realize they are doing ‘work’ learning math,” Mohanty said.

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