Georgette Gomez named new SD City Council president


Georgette Gomez was unanimously voted as the new president of San Diego City Council on Dec. 10. The council’s decision followed the direction of public comment from enthusiastic Gomez supporters who touted her integrity, boldness, her “eye for equity” and “mind for justice.”

“It’s apparent that Councilmember Gomez has the heart of the people,” said new District 4 Councilmember Monica Montgomery.

Council President Pro-Tem Barbara Bry formally made the nomination for Gomez, who has been on the council since 2016 representing District 9, which includes City Heights, Talmadge, Kensington and College Area. Bry said she was confident Gomez will bring forward a “strong progressive message and ultimately, change.”

“You have worked your entire career to represent the lives of underrepresented people,” Bry said. “You have demonstrated your commitment and dedication to elevate the lives of San Diegans through your efforts in increasing affordable housing and addressing our homeless crisis, promoting equitable transportation and employment opportunities, and always advocating for improving the health and welfare of our region and affected communities.”

On Dec. 10, three new City Council members were sworn in including Montgomery, Jennifer Campbell and Vivian Moreno. Campbell and Montgomery defeated incumbents Lorie Zapf and former council president Myrtle Cole. The new City Council is majority female and while it is nonpartisan, Democrats hold a supermajority of 6-3.

“Under my leadership as Council President we will work toward creating a government that is equitable, inclusive, transparent and accountable,” said Gomez. “For far too long many of our communities have been ignored when decisions are made.That has to stop.”

Councilmember Scott Sherman said he was happy to support Gomez as while they don’t always agree with each other, she has been open and honest with him since day one, “In this business, that’s saying something,” he said.

Gomez said that the council will only be effective if they work together and she believes she is up to the task.

“I am excited and ready to bring us together to develop an agenda that strengthens us all,” Gomez said. “The opportunity to serve as Council President is a great honor. Let’s get to work.”