Carmel Valley tech program receives grant from San Diego Foundation


The San Diego Foundation announced $632,934 in grants for 10 programs that strengthen San Diego’s innovation economy by creating more opportunities for students, particularly from underserved communities, pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) opportunities. The grant recipients included Wintriss Technical Schools (The League of Amazing Programmers) in Carmel Valley.

The San Diego Foundation Science & Technology Program grantmaking supports the findings from Our Greater San Diego Vision, a report that found that a majority of residents want to increase opportunities for those who work and learn in the San Diego region.

According to the 2016 CONNECT Innovation Report, the regional innovation sector accounts for more than 25 percent of San Diego’s economic activity (GDP). The Science and Technology grants increase regional efforts to create and expand a pipeline connecting young adults underrepresented in STEM to college and career opportunities.

The grant recipients include: Elementary Institute of Science, Ocean Discovery Institute, Access Inc., The Maritime Alliance Foundation, San Diego Mesa College, UC San Diego Foundation, California State University San Marcos Foundation, Miramar College Foundation, Wintriss Technical Schools (The League of Amazing Programmers), and the Research for Autism and Development Lab at UC San Diego.

“Science is a catalyst of prosperity for the San Diego region and those who live in it,” shared Kathlyn Mead, President and CEO of The San Diego Foundation. “By opening more pathways for local youth to become scientists and engineers, we are supporting the scientists and engineers of tomorrow who will strengthen San Diego’s innovation economy for decades to come.”

Wintriss Technical Schools (The League of Amazing Programmers): Tech Workforce Program - $61,191.

The Tech Workforce Program will provide workforce experience classes career events to middle and high school students. Students will participate in interview preparation and readiness training, such as certified Oracle programmers, that will support their direct entry into the workforce or help them pursue computer science degrees. The Tech Workforce Program helps to break poverty cycles and develop local talent for San Diego’s innovation economy.