‘There is no planet B’: Canyon Crest students join Global Climate Strike

CCA students take action with the Global Climate Strike.
(Sahithy Yaramada)

Canyon Crest Academy students took part in the Global Climate Strike on Friday, Sept. 20.

CCA students on strike.
(Sahithy Yaramada)

The demonstration on Friday was organized by Canyon Crest Academy student Mira Sur. Mira found out that there would be protests around the world when she was reading the news the weekend before, “I thought it would be cool to join in,” she said. Mira’s friends Claire Kerofsky, Sahithy Yaramada, Priya Cressy and Bahar Fouladpouri helped with coordinating logistics, making posters and planning the speeches that they made on campus that day.

CCA students gave speeches as part of the Global Climate Strike.
(Sahithy Yaramada)

“It was important for us to participate because the climate crisis is one of the biggest threats to our future, and we believe that the government needs to recognize that and enact effective laws to address it before it’s too late,” said Mira.