Large-scale public art installations land at One Paseo

Four large-scale Andy Davis murals will be on the parking garage at One Paseo.
(Karen Billing)

“Come One, Come All” reads artist Celeste Byers’ new sunrise-colored mural at One Paseo. The welcoming message on one of One Paseo’s interior walkways was one of several public art installations completed last week, with more art to come as the mixed-use property is developed.

Art plays a role throughout the Carmel Valley center, from the fallen tree wood sculpture that is the centerpiece of one gathering plaza to the whimsical ice cream cone painted on the side of the building that houses scoop shop Salt & Straw and the playful mural that chirps “A little bird told me” above the outdoor patio of Parakeet Cafe.

“We try to infuse art as much as possible,” said DeeDee Postil, art consultant to Kilroy Realty,

Postil said when it comes to picking art for the center, the entire Kilroy team comes together to discuss the overall mission experience they want to create. From there they form a list of artists to commission, working with local artists as much as possible.

Postil said at One Paseo the mission first and foremost is for people to feel welcomed and invited to enjoy the space, relax, shop and eat. With most of the art they are going for a “coastal California vibe,” creating a sense of place that is “casual yet sophisticated.”

Artist and surfer Andy Davis was tapped to bring some of his “iconic relaxed SoCal” brand to One Paseo’s largest pieces. There will be a total of four Davis large-format scrim panels, each covering a section of the eastern parking garage—the first was installed this week with a mobile crane and the rest will be brought in before the end of November.

A new mural by Natalie Bessell at One Paseo.
(Karen Billing)

Each piece will feature surfing and beach themes—the 54 feet tall and 125-foot wide “Del Mar Daze” installed last week has two surfers carrying boards, overlooking the waves.

Last week artist Natalie Bessell added two more murals at One Paseo, one of them a group of wolves and a floral painting on the wall in front of North Italia on Paseo Village Way. Bessell, a San Diego native and daughter of legendary surfboard shaper Tim Bessell, also painted the seascape on the building that houses Sweetfin Poke.

In addition to the murals, Postil said they plan to have more “art surprises” on the concrete walkways of the center as well as yarn-bombs and painted utility boxes.

“John Kilroy is such a lover of art. Wherever he can infuse pops of artwork into his projects is really important to him, adding cultural and local references,” Postil said. “I work with a lot of developers but he is by far the biggest art enthusiast, it’s really fun to work with someone like that.”

A new wolves mural by Natalie Bessell.
(Karen Billing)