Introducing Pacific Sky School

Del Mar Union School District's newest school has been named Pacific Sky School,

The Del Mar Union School District’s ninth district school in Pacific Highlands Ranch has been named Pacific Sky School.

In April, the district opened up the naming process to the community and received 97 suggestions during the public input window. Pacific was one of the key themes as was Canyon— Pacific Canyon was among the top three names suggested to the board at last month’s meeting along with Pacific Highland and Pacific Del Mar. Taking into consideration the names of surrounding schools, on May 26, staff recommended Pacific Sky as a nod to its position on a ridge with beautiful views as well as allowing it to be branded as its own school with a name that differs from any other district school.

Clerk Gee Wah Mok, who lives in the Pacific Highlands Ranch neighborhood, said he felt the sky name was fitting. While vacant for the last several years the future school lot was often used for hot air balloon take-offs and landings, and Mok said those events tended to have everyone’s eyes trained on the sky and brought neighbors out to look and chat and catch up.

“While it will no longer be a landing pad, the school will become a place where people can congregate and gather,” Mok said.

Construction began on May 17 for the school on Solterra Vista Parkway and Terrazo Court—a campus that will include 20 general classrooms, STEAM+ spaces, an innovation center/multi-use room in addition and the district’s new central cafeteria.

An official groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 24 at 10 a.m. The school is slated to open in August 2022.