Public art unveiling


An unveling ceremony was held March 9 for new public art installed at J Street Viewpoint Park, located at 398 J Street, Encinitas, CA 92024, at 3rd Street, in downtown Encinitas.

The sculpture, titled, Humanity, is a cylindiner bronze sculpture created in 2013 by Del Mar artist Maidy Morhous. The sculpture was donated to the City of Encinitas in 2018 by Jay and Sue Vicory.

“Sue is the director of Heartland Films and made a film called ‘One.’ She interviewed many people and asked them what their concept of ‘one’ meant to them. It came back to man striving for the same thing in life. She had this feeling that she had to have a sculpture that went with it” said Morhous. “She contacted me and wanted to do a sculpture out of bronze that would culminate her ideas on what humanity is. I told her I thought it should be the circle of life, so it should be a cylinder. Certain things popped up, like the ideas of the tree of life, the pathway of life and, of course, the different figures of the mother, child, the young hand, the old hand, and people reaching toward a heavenly-type deal.”

All project costs for the sculpture, including the installation of a permanent concrete pedestal, were funded by Jay and Sue Vicory. For more information, visit