Earl Warren ‘Pi Day’

Earl Warren Middle School held a fun-filled, innovative and tasty “Pi Day” March 14.

Students could choose to participate in seven stations in the quad with a carnival-like feel:

Eat pie: Each student received a slice of Cost Co apple pie.

Guess the circumference and area: A big chalked circle and there was a winner who guessed the closest circumference and a winner who guessed the closest area.

Pi digit reciting: Students chose to compete to memorize digits of pi. The winner this year (an Earl Warren record) 231 digits and second place prize winner for 116 digits.

Temporary pi tattoo

Rubik’s Cube race: Who can solve the Rubik’s Cube fastest? First place winner for 52 seconds and second place winner for 59 seconds.

Pi digit scramble: Kids compete head to head in seeing who is the fastest at ordering the digits of pi (to 10 decimal places). Winners get a pi pencil.

Pie throwing at teachers: Two raffled off tickets per math class (44 total) for students to choose which teacher/staff member they get to throw “pie in the face.”

Earl Warren staff participated in being the judges at the “Student Pie Bake Off,” which had prizes for four categories: Best tasting fruit, best tasting cream, best appearance fruit, and best appearance cream.