Carmel Valley students teach refugee children how to make paper planes, crowns and bottle rockets


On July 8, students from the San Diego Branch of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS) met with refugee children from Ethiopia, Somalia and Cambodia at the soccer field of the Ibarra Elementary School. The Camel Valley students showed the refugee children how to make paper planes, crowns and bottle rockets. The children of refugees had such a great time with the San Diego students that they wanted to play with them all day. The photos shown on this page were taken at the event.

San Diego resettles more refugees than any other city in the U.S., about 3,000 per year. For many people, the thought of fleeing home and starting life over in a completely different culture where they don’t know the language is unthinkable. Yet, families granted access to the U.S. as refugees are grateful for the opportunity to begin a new life in this country. For many, it means hope after years of despair. However, refugees and immigrants of many types enter the U.S. with hope for a new life, but lack knowledge of the legal, monetary, social, educational and transportation systems that are the basic building blocks of life here.

The students who led the events are Stephen Yang, Amanda Zhang, Mike Bai, Jeffrey Guo, Nathan Guo, Eric Li, Andrew Peng, Jessica Trost, Joshua Trost, Neon Wang, Richard Wu, and Christopher Yang.