‘Understanding Differences’ at Del Mar Heights

Understanding Differences is a unique disability awareness program, created by the parents and staff at Del Mar Heights. The program is designed to teach students empathy and understanding through participation in science sessions, simulation exercises and by listening to guest speakers. This year, the program has been completely revamped to include participation by local experts and nonprofits, such as the Braille Institute, Deaf Community Services of San Diego, UCSD School of Medicine, Challenged Athletes Foundation and many others.

On Jan. 27, students learned what it’s like to have a prosthesis. Through a partnership with Challenged Athletes and Peter Harsch Prosthetics, fourth graders at the Heights learned about the Michelangelo prosthetic hand featuring a highly natural design built on incredible technology. They also had the opportunity to play sit-down volleyball with a Paralympic athlete, maneuver through an obstacle course while sitting in a wheelchair and test their dexterity with one-handed shoelace tying.