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'Scratch Day' coming to Encinitas

On Saturday, May 12, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Ada Harris Elementary School in Cardiff-by-the-Sea is hosting a computer programming event called "Scratch Day." The event is open to all ages and abilities, and no previous programming experience is required.

Scratch Day is a global collection of events where people of all programming levels congregate to meet, share and learn. Attendees can collaborate on different Scratch projects, attend workshops, share their ideas and experiences, and overall, have fun. Thousands of kids, parents and teachers around the world will celebrate their love of computer programming on Scratch Day, and San Diego residents will be among them.

Scratch is a free computer programming platform and online community for kids developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With Scratch, kids and adults can create their own video games, animate stories, and explore computer science concepts.

"Scratch Day gets kids excited about computer programming. Not every child will grow up to be a programmer, but every child should learn basic computer skills required for tomorrow's job market," said Ido Tuchman, San Diego's Scratch Day coordinator. "The earlier kids start coding, the more fluent they will be in programming concepts."

San Diego Scratch Day is free, but attendees must have an admission ticket in advance. There are only a limited number of seats, so those interested are advised to get their admission tickets early.

For Scratch Day admission tickets and more information, visit www.busylabs.org/scratchday.

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