April 12 presentation to be held on ‘Convention of States: A Solution…As Big As The Problem’


The public is invited to an apolitical and nonpartisan free presentation about the Convention of States Project Thursday, April 12, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Community Room at the Encinitas office of the San Diego County Credit Union, 501 North El Camino Real, northeast corner of Garden View Road.Reservations are not required.Topic: “Convention of States: A Solution…As Big As The Problem.” Presenter: Lou Oberman.

According to the submitted press release on this event: “Americans across party lines feel that the country’s system of checks and balances has become dysfunctional, with unelected bureaucrats and lobbyists are wielding too much power. A U.S. President can be elected for two terms, totaling eight years in the Oval Office, however, more than 60 members of the House and Senate have been in office for at least 24 years, some for 30 years and some for as many as 40 years. Do these lengthy terms in office make any sense? Americans are tired of government overreach, soaring national debt and politicians who enrich themselves during their long careers in office.

“More than three million Americans now support a Convention of States to reorganize the power structure in Washington, D.C. and preserve liberty. Article V of the United States Constitution empowers the states to call a convention, which is a peaceful, legal and constitutional method to propose amendments.”

Watch a two-minute You Tube video about the goals of the Project with this link: youtu.be/sAEVecIqrns

To learn more, visit conventionofstates.com or contact Lou Oberman, volunteer district captain and Marine Corps veteran. Phone: 858-427-1640 or Email: LouObermanCOS@Reagan.com