Registration now open for national conference on dealing with learning needs and behaviors of boys and girls


Early registration has begun for a major national conference in late June on how best to respond to the learning and behavioral needs of boys and girls.

Subtitled “The Minds of Boys and Girls,” the Gurian Summer Institute on June 23-24 at the Army and Navy Academy will include presentations and workshops that are expected to draw school district administrators and board members, school principals, teachers, social workers, mental health professionals, and parents from throughout the U.S.

The Spokane-based Gurian Institute uses research findings on the development of the human brain to train and certify teachers and counselors on how to optimize student achievement, taking into account the fact that boys and girls learn and behave differently. Its founder, Dr. Michael Gurian, is a best-selling author of nearly 30 books on gender behaviors. Since its founding in 1996, Gurian’s institute has trained more than 60,000 teachers and other educators at more than 4,000 schools nationwide.

Gurian will cover how the minds of boys and girls learn and develop, including the differences in both genders’ brains that impact education and social emotional learning.

Other presenters will include Troy Kemp, executive director of the Chattanooga-based National Center for the Development of Boys; Dr. Lisa Basista of California State University San Marcos; Gurian (Institute) Master Trainer Katy McPherson; and Susan Jentzsch, an author, and authority on mentoring teenage girls.

Also on the program will be Rod Kodama, dean of admissions, teacher and coach at Crespi Carmelite High School in Los Angeles; Dr. Robin Cowen, a faculty leader and science teacher at the Army and Navy Academy, along with Amy Coe, the academy’s assistant dean of academics, will focus on “Helping Boys Succeed in the Classroom and Beyond.”

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