Art For Barks contest to support service dogs

Artist Larry Beckstein’s ‘Golden Girls’ is being offered as a prize in the Art for Barks contest. Courtesy photo

Nationally prominent artists are helping Art for Barks, a Rancho Santa Fe organization, create a special educational project about Service Dogs and art. By visiting, you can learn about how Hero Service Dogs help people with physical disabilities live a fuller, more active life.

Read a few stories of these extraordinary canines, then pick and vote for your favorite. Notice that many of the Service Dogs are rescue animals.

By participating, you are supporting these animals and their work. Among their many jobs, Service Dogs nurture traumatized children in court; decrease healing time for elderly hospital patients; assist mobility-impaired people in getting their medicine, opening the door, getting into and out of their car, moving a wheelchair, and finding their keys or phone.

They also provide emotional comfort and/or seizure notice to wounded troops with post-traumatic stress, enabling them to work and function productively; and they lend support with physical balance and mobility to disabled college students preparing for a meaningful job. Service Dogs’ ability to calm autistic children makes educational and therapy sessions more productive, and allows these children to feel safer while out with their families.

Vote and encourage your friends to vote to support art and animal education at