‘Cosplay Dreams 3D’ screening, Q&A set Aug. 21 in San Diego

“Cosplay Dreams 3D” by San Diego’s Gulliver and Christine Parascandolo recently won Best Documentary at the 7th annual 3D Film Festival. Courtesy photo

Have you ever wondered who’s behind those elaborate costumes at San Diego’s Comic-Con? Who are these masked crusaders and what compels them to dress as their favorite characters from film, TV, comic books, and history at the thousands of Costume Play (Cosplay) conventions and events that are held around the world?

That’s what San Diego film producer Christine Parascandolo and her husband, director Gulliver Parascandolo, explore in their film “Cosplay Dreams 3D,” which recently won Best Documentary at the seventh annual 3D Film Festival. The 3D stereoscopic documentary was filmed at more than 20 Costume Play (Cosplay) conventions, including San Diego’s Comic-Con.

Platt College presents “Cosplay Dreams 3D” at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 21 at the Gaslamp Reading Cinema, 701 Fifth Ave., San Diego. At 6 p.m. enjoy a Red Carpet event and Pop Culture Art Show, Cost is $15.99 through Eventbrite link. Learn more at