Time to enter work draws near for 11th annual LeucadiART Walk


The application period is closing soon for artists interested in showing at this year’s LeucadiART Walk, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Aug. 30.

This is a juried fine art event with no corporate vendors, food vendors or imported goods. The LeucadiART Walk brings 5,000 people to Leucadia for the day to enjoy and purchase fine art from the 101 artists on Highway 101.

Apply online or in person by July 31 to be included on promotional materials. Artists who apply after that deadline can still be accepted into the show, but they will not be listed on event guide. To apply, visit https://www.leucadia101.com/events/leucadiart.

The LeucadiART Walk is a revival of the much-acclaimed 1980s Art Walk, and each year it gets better and better for artists and attendees. This year, you can expect high-quality musical acts, 101 Artists in all media, live art by Michael Amorillo, the California Coast Credit Union craft beer garden, the free magic open air trolley and the Scripps Health Children’s Art Pavilion.

“Whether you’re a longtime Leucadian or a regional visitor, you’ll enjoy perusing the esteemed collection of local artists at LeucadiART Walk. Art and eclecticism have always been hallmarks of Leucadia,” said Carris Rhodes, executive director of the Leucadia 101 Main Street.

“The 2015 LeucadiART Walk celebrates our community’s artistic history while offering a diverse sampling of its present talent. The event is shaping up to be an engaging day of arts, music and unique experiences.”

For information contact the Leucadia 101 office at 760-436-2320 or write to info@leucadia101.com.