It’s no yarn: Learn how knitting can help health on March 28 at Solana Beach Library

Dr. Linda Hart, author of “Closely Knit,” will be speaking at the Solana Beach Library at 2 p.m. Saturday, March 28, about the psychological and physical benefits of knitting.

“For years I have been telling my group that knitting activates the same part of the brain as meditation, and now current research is contributing a deeper and more complete understanding of the health benefits of knitting,” she said. She will be sharing the new research results, as well as information about how women reduce stress differently from men.

Hart, a psychologist, is the leader of Closely Knit, a group that meets twice monthly at the library. The group began in 2003, and now numbers more than 175 members ranging in age from 7 to 89 years. In “Closely Knit,” Hart introduces each of the 40 group members who contributed to the book, and shares the unusual way the group began.

The book also contains several stories by Hart, such as “Knitting Emergencies,” “The Famous Christmas Stocking,” and “WARSH Cloths.” One reader commented, “I felt like I had made 40 new friends,” while others said they wanted to pick up their needles and join a knitting group!

The library is at 157 Stevens Ave. Call 858-755-1404.